We are not a travel agency! ​WiGo is a travel hub where travelers are able to connect, share travel, and exchange information and advice. All too many people are trapped working day in and day at 9-5 jobs they don't even like, as they put their dreams on hold. They give away their best years with one goal in mind, to make it to retirement so that they will have enough time and money to one day break free and start living life on their terms and travel the world. Unfortunately some never make it out of the cycle. At WiGo, we seek to create solutions that will help people live fuller, deeper, and more intention driven lives through travel. Sign up today to reserve your access code!

Who is WiGo For

Travelers, who are dissatisfied with corporate curated trips

WiGo Trips offers a new way to experience real, raw, and authentic travel. WiGo Trips is a place to: Discover unique trips, and share the experience with likeminded travelers Connect with other travelers, through themed travel communities Find advice for unconventional travel through forums and journals

Adventurists, who dream of ditching the day job and travel

WiGo Trips offers a new way to work while traveling. ​WiGo Trips offers a source of income for travelers by creating, guiding and experiencing trips with other travelers, and a community of travelers who want to experience the world through your eyes.

Storytellers, who travel the world and share their stories

WiGo Trips offers a way to connect and engage with your audience through travel journals, blogs and forums.

Our Story

It was a trip to Paris, a lay off, and a pursuit of meaning that lead to the creation of WiGo Trips. While approaching 13 years working in the telecommunications industry, Jaqui McCarthy was celebrating her first year running a fashion event production company by organizing a photography workshop out in Paris. She had reached out to a travel agent to help her organize the trip but the agent complicated the process and kept pushing her out of her budget. Jaqui eventually had enough of the aggressive tactics the agent was using and decided to forfeit her deposit, fired the agent, and went to the internet. She booked a gorgeous flat via Airbnb and planned away. Six travelers ended up participating on the eight day workshop. They had a blast photographing the Parisian models, dining at the Eiffel Tower, and sharing stories at the end of the day. The best part of the trip however, didn't happen until after they got back the States. Once of the travelers has a condition called cerebral palsy, which make navigating the streets of Paris a bit of a challenge. On one random afternoon this person called Jaqui and said "I don't have a lot of friends here, and I have never been outside of the country before. If it wasn't for you putting this together and you all treating me like family, I never would of had the experience I had. Thank you." That call forever changed Jaqui's perception of what it means to travel. Fast forward four months and Jaqui went to her 9 to 5, got on a conference call, and was informed that her department was being laid off. She was ecstatic about the opportunity. She thought this would be her change to live out her passion for fashion full time, and that is exactly what she set out to do. Life however, had other plans. Earlier that year Jaqui had started pursuing her Masters in research psychology. While studying neuroscience in one of her courses she had discovered how the human brain actually works. It was then that everything that she ever believed to be true was suddenly challenged and it sent her through and existential mind trip. She did the only thing she could to stop the pain, but she couldn't get the empty numb feeling to go away. In trying to understand the awareness of this reality and heal herself once and for all she traveled to find purpose and meaning in a world that no longer seemed to have any. While traveling she encountered a series of trajectories that one after another had changed her world view. She discovered that all the answers we need already exist within ourselves, and that individually and collectively, we are responsible for creating and defining what we want our purpose to be. That outside of physics there are very few real limitations, and that the ones that do exist only have power because they are constructs we give value to. In knowing this she set herself free. Remembering the one call, she realized that when it's all said and done the only thing that matters are the memories we create and the people we leave those memories with. ​ It was then that knew then that she had to make these experiences happen more often, but that one trip here and there wasn't going to be enough. She wanted to set the whole world free by creating a way that would give people the opportunity to go live their lives the way they are meant to be lived while connecting with others and accessing the world through travel, and so WiGo Trips came to be.

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