The WiGo Trips Team

We are a team of social engineers creating a new model of travel that will empower people to live deeper, richer, and more intention driven lives through travel.

Founding Team

These are the people who make WiGo Trips great!

Jaqui McCarthy


Jaqui is an entrepreneur with a mission to create solutions that will enhance the human condition through technology. She's a deep believer in the power of cultivating interpersonal relationships. A passion furthered through her undergraduate studies in business development and human relations, and graduate studies in research psychology, organizational design, and industrial psychology which led to her to developing a personality based algorithm used to power human connection through AI. Professionally Jaqui brings 13 years experience studying consumer and business interaction with technology, developing cross-functional teams and creating brand strategies in the wireless technology industry. She is the founder of four companies, two peer to peer communities, co-founder of a women's empowerment group.

Chelsea Weiser

Director of Buzz

As the Director of Buzz, Chelsea is responsible for generating buzz around WiGo while generating enthusiasm and growing a team of mission driven story tellers. ​Chelsea is a strategic and creative connector who embodies the adventurous aura. She spreads her wanderlust through captivating graphics, social communications and establishing relations. Chelsea's uplifting spirit and movement inspires her natural leadership abilities while gaining a following. Chelsea’s background includes 9 years of marketing and sales, 9 years design, and 2 years of live event organization and promotion. Chelsea also brings with 2 years of experience as representative for World Ventures, a billion dollar lifestyle club within the travel and technology space, where she was responsible for building her own sales channel of travel professionals.

Rebecca Hasbrouck


Rebecca is an ambitious go-getting change agent with strong project management and leadership skills. From international internships to mental health campaigns for non-profits and start-ups, Rebecca incorporates travel to every aspect of life. Even more so, Rebecca is anything but intimidated by a big challenge. Whether its serving as the company liaison, curating marketing events, or raising millions of dollars for non-profits from concept development through delivery, Rebecca will drive the movement. After running operations in a corporate firm on the East Coast, Rebecca needed a change and left to pursue an operations and outreach role for a women's wellness start-up In Colorado. Today Rebecca serves as the WiGo CEO's right hand leader and runs all high level project management and operations. While not working, she can be found around the globe teaching yoga to climbing groups. Rebecca holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling.


Our biggest supporters

Angel Morales

Communications Advisor

Angels serves as a mentor while managing the due diligence process of the CEO while supporting the team in achieving long and short term goals by facilitating high level decision making. Angel also assist in nurturing a positive and collaborative work environment by supporting internal communications between all level leadership, preforming preventative damage control by building trust and engaging with partners.

Reuben Levinsohn

Financial Advisor

Entrepreneur, investor and startup coach with a passion for developing leaders who want to disrupt the status quo and create meaningful lasting change. Reuben has an innate ability in discovering the game changers and is experienced in developing them into the successful leaders of tomorrow. Assisting with financial and strategic planning and consulting on financial considerations, Reuben serves as a financial advisor for WiGo Trips and takes on the role of mentor to the CEO.

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